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composite fiberwrap technology used for structural strengthening, corrosion repair, comprehensive flood proofing, historical preservation, and blast protection of new and existing structures.

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Composite technology advanced rapidly in late 1960’s as the Defense Department had specific interests in carbon fiber for use in defense applications, such as the F-117 Stealth Fighter. Several leading defense contractors began producing high strength composites to meet the strong demand from the military and commercial aerospace industry. The use of high strength composites developed quickly from a need to advance defense technology beyond conventional means. Over twenty years of research and development have provided great design potential for these composites in all engineering disciplines.

historyDelta Structural Technology, LLC. was fortunate to be part of the team lead by the Fyfe Company in developing structural composite technology for the non-military markets. This team has taken composite technology from the initial testing of possible uses to original design, retrofit, and construction, that has evolved into an accepted standard for structural enhancements. After significant testing and research, various governmental agencies are now using these findings on composite technology as an accepted form of design criteria for multiple structural applications.


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