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Restoration, increase of structural capacity, construction errors, design errors or deterioration: Delta Structural Technology can create value for your team by providing solutions and implementation of multiple strengthening methodologies.


The key to strength and sustainability is the initial design. Our in-depth analysis provides us with insight to innovate a effective, cost-efficient, high strength, time sensitive solution.


Delta assists you in closing contracts by providing structural solutions that improve your quality of work and broaden your solutions for non-feasible projects.


Our FRP application team has experience and expertise to exceed expectations.

Experts in FRP Engineering

We are industry leaders in the application of advanced composites and executed state-of-the-art structural repairs in many facilities ranging from industrial, commercial to transportation.

As commercial contractors, we use structural carbon fiber composite technology for innovative solutions that meet a wide range of structural needs. Today’s complex buildings and regulations require various disciplines to work together as a team to produce an overall best result. Delta Structural Technology, LLC, has an understanding of the interrelationship between engineering, project management, client relations, and general construction and is committed to assisting the engineering and design community with cutting edge technology using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) as the basis of developing new applications to existing requirements.



Delta + FRP



FRP: A Structural Solution

Delta Structural Technology, LLC. was fortunate to be part of the team lead by the Fyfe Company in developing structural composite technology for the non-military markets. This team has taken composite technology from the initial testing of possible uses to original design, retrofit, and construction, that has evolved into an accepted standard for structural enhancements. After significant testing and research, various governmental agencies are now using these findings on composite technology as an accepted form of design criteria for multiple structural applications. Read more about the history of FRP and Delta.

Facilities Where Delta Performs

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilites
  • Transportation
  • Hospitals
  • Food processing plants
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Historical preservation
  • Flood mitigation and retrofits
  • Commercial strengthening
  • Concrete foundation repair



History of Delta Structural Technology

The history of Delta Structural Technology runs hand in hand with the development of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and commercial construction. In the beginning stages of Delta Structural Technology, composite fiber technology was in it’s infancy. The composite strengthening process was Delta’s gateway to a revolution for strengthening existing structures. At this time, there had never been this option in construction. At Delta, we developed the ability to restore a broken structure and furthermore, enhance the original design. Delta’s technology and application make it possible for walls to flex in a blast or add floor space in an occupied building. The vision for the future of structural engineers and structural solutions is what propels Delta’s work.

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What Our Clients Say

Delta integrates seamlessly into your solutions, offering your team unique and innovative answers, resources, support and application.

Senior Project Manager

MEDCO Construction L.L.C.

"The quality of the work is self-evident as the third party inspection process for both the preparation and final application of the reinforcing product has been conducted on schedule and with expected results."

Capital Project Manager

Cargill Meat Solutions

"Delta Structural Technology, LLC has always preformed excellent work and met all of its obligations including paying subcontractors and suppliers in a timely fashion. Cargill Meat Solutions considers Delta Structural Technology, LLC to be honest and capable."


Wellspring Builders, Inc.

"Delta's work was overwhelmingly performed during nighttime hours when the mall was closed and under extremely challenging conditions. Despite the nature of the work, Delta was able to keep management of arguably the premier shopping mall in our area pleased with the absence of dust, debris, noise or odor."


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Shear Bolts

Shear bolts are a new type of reinforcement developed for punching shear strengthening and retrofit of existing slab-column connections.

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