Delta Structural Technology has completed numerous projects within the production facilities of food processing plants.  With most processing operations, our clients can’t afford unplanned down times due to the completion of structural repair.  Delta has developed a proven repair plan and procedure to keep production down time to a minimum with no lost time to complete the structural repairs.  Our client’s operations are governed by the highest responsibility to cleanliness and the prevention of construction materials contaminating food products.  Delta has completed multiple projects where the highest levels of protection are required to keep the processes of the repair scope from effecting the daily operations of food production.  Understanding and meeting the detailed challenges of working in a food processing environment has enabled Delta Structural Technology to be the experienced,  highly qualified choice for long term maintenance and repair of infrastructure among some of the largest food processing companies in the industry.  With that in mind, however, Delta is committed to providing a safe work environment to our clients and our employees.