img-stru-petrochemicalA petrochemical plant in Port Arthur, Texas experienced a fire in the plant that melted process pipe and structural steel, destroyed concrete support columns and beams in the pipe rack area, and table top slabs in the compressor area. The engineering group assessed the damage and Delta Structural Technology LLC. was brought in to survey the structural damage to the concrete. Delta provided additional testing to determine the exact nature of the heat damage to the concrete elements and performed tests on the imbedded steel anchor bolts. The concrete was chipped to sound concrete, damaged steel rebar was replaced and bonding agents applied.  The damaged concrete was patched with 10,000 psi polymerized repair mortar. Structural carbon fiber composite was applied to the underside of the beams to replace the lost steel reinforcing and composite e-glass was applied for shear strengthening and corrosion protection. The process was used in lieu of pre-stressed beam replacement due to significant decrease in project duration and cost savings using structural composites. The project was completed as scheduled and structural steel was installed immediately upon completion.The project was completed on time and on budget.

Delta routinely works with chemical plants to assess and repair structural concrete damage such as pipe racks and concrete vessel supports.