Repair, protect and strengthen aging, damaged or overloaded concrete and masonry structures in one application and significantly reduce your installed cost.

Shotcrete is a process of combining wet and dry material under pressure to apply and consolidate a cementitious material onto the receiving surface. Shotcrete/Shotpatch/FRCM creates a thin structural layer that will not add significant weight or volume to the existing structure.

When to use Shotcrete, Shot Patch or FRCM (fabric reinforced cementitious matrix)?

The advantages of Shotcrete vs. conventional cast in place concrete are evident in situations where large areas require high compressive strength consolidated material without the necessity of labor and material involved in the formwork installation process.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a growing placement technique of which the quality is dependent on the skill of the nozzle man and supporting Shotcrete technicians. It is important to contract an experienced installer ensuring proper consolidation encapsulating reinforcing steel.

Save Time and Money With Shotcrete

Delta is your structural Shotcrete placement contractor. At Delta, we use high quality equipment, reliable shotcrete pumps, experienced Shotcrete pump operators and nozzlemen. Save time and money over traditional cast in place construction methods by incorporating the Shotcrete process as part of your next structural concrete project.