Post Tension Repairs

Post tension tendon inspection is the first step to finding section loss and/or corrosion. Delta Structural Technology has the knowledge of implementing proper PT repair techniques for maintaining the integrity of the structure. As post tension repair contractors, we bring valuable design techniques in using multiple methodologies in creating solutions for post tension concrete slab foundation repairs.


Repair, strengthen and protect post-tensioned structures

Delta investigates the structure, provides design repair support, repair components, corrosion protection products and strengthening solutions. Delta also provides new or replacement post tensioning systems. DST (Delta Structural Technology) assists engineers, owners and contractors to maintain the life of their highly stressed PT structures. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals allows us to provide turn key structural solutions from analysis to application.



Benefits of Post-Tension Repair:

  • Early detection resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Extension of structure life span
  • Confirmation and/or restoration of original design parameters
  • Increased safety



From initial assessment through field implementation