Flood Protection

Floods can create tremendous turmoil for buildings, building owners and building occupants. Flood proofing is a preventative procedure to protect lives and the life of a structure from flood damage. Delta has the ability to provide engineering assistance for strengthening the walls to withstand the water pressure from floodwaters.

FEMA P 936

A member of Delta’s team is part of the group that rewrote the FEMA P 936 Flood Proofing for Non-Residential Buildings Manual in 2013. The publication provides information about regulatory requirements, design considerations, and descriptions of flood proofing methods and equipment. The document is serves to guide local government officials, engineers, architects, and property owners involved in the planning and implementation of flood proofing retrofits.

Flood Door Installation

Delta proved turnkey installation of flood doors with testing upon completion, as well as maintenance programs on flood doors. Flood doors installed by Delta Structural Technology in Baylor Hospital after Tropical Storm Allison passed the test during Hurricane Harvey. No water entered Baylor Hospital after our flood door installation. The flood doors performed as designed. Similar installations have been done at Tulane Hospital in New Orleans and University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston Texas with the same results.

Delta Structural Technology Flood Door Interior

Baylor Hospital | Flood Door

Delta Structural Technology Flood Proofing

Baylor Hospital | Flood Door

Delta Structural Technology Flood Door Withstand Hurricane

Baylor Hospital | Flood Door to Withstand Hurricane Harvey, Installed by Delta Structural Technology