In many structural upgrades, we are able to increase the capacity of the existing structural beams by adding additional rebar, concrete, and many time near surface mounted FRP rebar (NSM) to the existing beams. This is done after our design team has worked closely with the project Engineer of Record to find a design build solution to meet their needs.

Near-surface mounted (NSM) fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement is one of the latest and most promising strengthening techniques for reinforced concrete structures. Near-surface mounted FRP reinforcement represents an alternative way to improve flexural and shear performance of concrete structures. In some instance, it is the only suitable technology that can be efficiently, for example, when upgrading beam-column joints or for the flexural strengthening of compression members.

Noted Past NSM and Beam Widening Projects:
Allen Highschool Football Stadium
Port Of Houston Wharf 23 and 24
Xcel Energy Pump Station
UTA Medical School

Delta Structural Technology has completed many projects using a nontraditional approach to strengthen existing concrete members to meet the project needs.  Beam widening methodology can be used with a combination of strengthening systems to provide existing structure the necessary support to achieve the new design requirements. Where traditional support columns would be added but create loss of parking or operational space within a garage or a commercial structure,  Delta provides an alternate solution.  Our solution uses the existing structural elements by increasing the flexural capacity using the installation of new distribution ribs and section enlargement to boost the stiffness and capacity of beams and joists.  Along with the combination of applied composite systems, Delta is able to use our design resources to achieve our client’s goals for not losing additional operating space.