img-why-we-matterWe believe our company’s value goes far beyond the economics of business. We strive to bring value and purpose to the world we operate in not just an office. Delta Structural Technology is comprised of more then just people who are employed with us; they are mothers and fathers, friends, civic leaders, volunteers, mentors, teachers and students, and friends. Our purpose in the company is to provide an learning environment of knowledge, free will, and structure that will be used by our people outside the confines of the company. We are not here to merely employ, but to equip our people to draw upon the experiences here to create value wherever they are. In turn, our leaders will have a profound effect on the growth of the company.

The DST experience is what sets us apart as a company. Do you really want heart surgeon installing a life saving heart machine that he manufactures or would you rather have the best doctor installing the best heart machine with the most qualified team?

While construction is not as life threatening as surgery, many buildings do not meet the safety requirements they were designed for. We feel that is this serious and our systems provide the upgrades.