As commercial contractors we are using structural carbon fiber composite technology into industry for innovative solutions that meet a wide range of structural needs. Today’s complex buildings and regulations require various disciplines to work together as a team to produce an overall best result. Delta Structural Technology, LLC, has an understanding of the interrelationship between engineering, project management, client relations, and general construction and is committed to assisting the engineering and design community with cutting edge technology using FRP as the basis of developing new applications to existing requirements.

As a result we are now industry leaders in the application of advanced composites and executed state-of-the-art structural repairs in many facilities including:

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilites
  • Transportation
  • Hospitals
  • Food processing plants
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Historical Preservation
  • Flood mitigation and retrofits

These upgrades include repairs due to overloading, change of use retrofits, corrosion repair, historical preservation, and specialty applications used in flood mitigation and blast protection. Delta focuses on structural solutions with the use of reinforced polymer products (FRP). Click here to see more services.

Our team oversees each project from design through construction in turnkey applications.

Delta Structural Technology works with an independent team of professional structural engineers to design and provide sealed engineering calculations and drawings for every project. Additionally, we have a team of management professionals to assist in assessment for FRP installation of new and existing structures. The team oversees each project from design through construction in turnkey applications. We are a team of professionals committed to excellence with a desire to provide comprehensive, cost-effective structural upgrades and advanced restoration solutions to our clients.

History of Delta

The history of Delta Structural Technology runs hand in hand with the development of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and commercial construction. In the beginning stages of Delta Structural Technology, composite fiber technology was in it’s infancy. The composite strengthening process was Delta’s gateway to a revolution for strengthening existing structures. At this time, there had never been this option in construction. At Delta, we developed the ability to restore a broken structure and furthermore, enhance the original design. Delta’s technology and application make it possible for walls to flex in a blast or add floor space in an occupied building. The vision for the future of structural engineers and structural solutions is what propels Delta’s work.

The Rise of FRP in the ’60s

Composite technology and FRP engineering advanced rapidly in late 1960’s as the Defense Department had specific interests in carbon fiber for use in defense applications, such as the F-117 Stealth Fighter. Several leading defense contractors began producing high-strength composites to meet the demand from the military and commercial aerospace industry. The use of high strength composites developed quickly from a need to an advance defense technology beyond conventional means.

Over twenty years of research and development have provided great design potential for these composites in all engineering disciplines.