Our long history of success that our clients have come to expect, starts with our structural design partners. For structural upgrade repairs and retrofits using Fiber Reinforced Polymers, our structural design associates have provided the structural engineering community with conservative cutting edge technology driven approaches that make them successful with their clients. There are many types of structural fibers available for construction and they are not all the same. Materials such as carbon fiber, e-glass, carbon rods, and carbon plank have the ability to provide great amounts of additional strength with low profile disruption. Our associate team of engineers and project managers using ACI 440-8 for design can assist your design team with the best cost approach to structural needs.

Proper saturation of the fabric into the matrix must be achieved for these materials to reach their designed structural properties. Surface preparation is also a critical factor when applying FRP. Extensive testing of FRP assemblies have provided design values for axial load enhancement, shear enhancement, flexural increases, flood enhancement mitigation, and blast mitigation allowing cost-effective solutions to existing structures.

FRP material specifications should incorporate ICBO approval and specific controls and guidelines set forth in ACI 440F-08 and AC125 to ensure safety and design assurance. Delta installs all brands of fabrics and materials.