Delta Structural Technology Inc. is a full-service innovative solution provider specializing in composite fiberwrap technology used for structural strengthening, corrosion repair, comprehensive flood proofing, historical preservation, and blast protection of new and existing structures.

Delta is a full-service structural solutions firm, specializing in FRP wrap installation. Fiber wrapping is a high-strength, light-weight solution that is applied to restore broken buildings, prevent floods and earthquake damage, preserve historical structures, and repair corrosion. Our carbon wrapping services provide safety and security from natural disasters, dilapidation and terror. The structural technologies brought through FRP (CFRP and GFRP) have not only saved lives and preserved buildings, but also prevented harm as well. We also assist structural engineers, contractors and architects in providing efficient and cost effective methods for CFRP installation and commercial contracting.

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Blast Mitigation
Concrete Beam Widening
Concrete Repair
Flood Protection
Historical Preservation
Near Surface Mounted Bars
Non Destructive Testing
Post Tension Repair
Structural Strengthening

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