The ability to obtain the solution not obtainable through traditional methods

There are many reasons for restoring or increasing the structural capacity of structures, including changes in use resulting with increase of service loads, building code changes, construction error, design errors or years of deterioration creating loss of capacity of existing structural members. Delta Structural Technology creates value for your team by providing solutions and implementation of multiple strengthening methodologies unobtainable through traditional methods.

FRP Engineering

Delta Structural Technology practices FRP Engineering through its many partners of experienced design professionals. Delta provides a review with no cost and no obligation of potential applications. We check for feasibility and create budgetary proposals. Delta Structural Technology facilitates specifications, stamped drawings and calculations, quality control and testing.

High-strength, light weight, non-corrosive, cost effective

Delta is a full-service structural solutions firm, specializing in FRP wrap installation. Fiber wrapping is a high-strength, light-weight solution that is applied to restore broken buildings, prevent floods and earthquake damage, preserve historical structures, and repair corrosion. Our carbon wrapping services provide safety and security from natural disasters, dilapidation and terror.  In addition, our materials and methods are a proven alternative to steel.  The structural technologies brought through FRP (CFRP and GFRP) have not only saved lives and preserved buildings, but also prevented harm as well. We also assist structural engineers, contractors and architects in providing efficient and cost effective methods for CFRP installation and commercial contracting.