img-our-historySince 1984

The history of Delta Structural Technology runs hand in hand with the development of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and commercial construction. In the beginning stages of Delta Structural Technology, composite fiber technology was in it’s infancy. The composite strengthening process was Delta’s gateway to a revolution for strengthening existing structures. At this time, there had never been this option in construction. At Delta, we developed the ability to restore a broken structure and furthermore, enhance the original design. Delta’s technology and application make it possible for walls to flex in a blast or add floor space in an occupied building. The vision for the future of structural engineers and structural solutions is what propels Delta’s work.

Delta has embraced the technology that has taken us from a local provider to global innovator. Our pride is our people. We have under taken the 1% challenge and have succeeded. In 2009, founder, Paul Guggenheim and wife, Sherrye Guggenheim have taken the next step in leadership as they transformed the company to the next generation. Today, Erik Guggenheim is leading Delta Structural Technology into the new phase of the industry. With years of dedication in the field, managing composite projects never attempted by other firms, and new corporate strategies, Erik leads Delta to the next level of transformation that started out as a set of blue prints.

This is our Blue Print for Success.

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