Column strengthening was the original use for seismic upgrades using composite fiber external strengthening.   As the system developed over many years of university and Federal testing, numerous additional applications developed such as axial capacity enhancement, structural repair from corrosion damage, and bending and shear upgrades.  Delta Structural Technology has the experience and team members that are required to address reinforced concrete evaluation and long term rehabilitation within structures subjected to damage and deterioration. Structures are  subjected to differing environmental exposure, chemical exposure, load demands, and facility processes. Armed with the experience to properly identify the root cause of deterioration and failures within various environments, Delta provides the right repair methodology, high performance material selection, and qualified technicians needed to execute difficult projects safely, on time, and on budget.

Each structural member poses unique challenges regarding repair strategies. Whether your structure is experiencing extensive embedded metal corrosion or cracking and movement under dynamic equipment loads, there is a solution and a toolbox of proprietary technologies that will enable execution of successful repair strategies.