The purpose of dry floodproofing a building is to make it watertight to floods.  Dry floodproofing reduces the potential for flood damage by reducing the probability that the building interior will be inundated. It can be an appropriate alternative for flood mitigation when relocating or elevating buildings is not cost-effective or technically feasible. The minimum performance requirement for dry floodproofing measures is a space that is protected by walls that are substantially impermeable and resistant to flood loads.   Delta Structural Technology has completed turn key projects in the design and installation of the systems to provide a tested dry flood proofing installation on numerous hospitals along the Gulf Coast.  The designed systems are a combination of methodologies to provide a complete system from base floor elevation to the height required based on each set of criteria for each building.   Delta’s team is highly proficient and knowledgeable in the design and installation of tested dry floodproofing systems.