Overview of FRP in Construction

There are many reasons for restoring or increasing the structural capacity of structures: Changes in the use of a structure resulting in increase of service loads, building code regulations, construction error, design errors or years of deterioration creating loss of capacity of existing structural members are all reasons to incorporate Delta Structural Technology into your project. Delta Structural Technology creates value for your team by providing composite construction solutions and implementation with multiple strengthening methodologies.

Delta Structural Technology facilitates FRP engineering through its experienced design professionals. Delta provides no cost and no obligation review of potential applications for feasibility and budgetary proposals for jobs. Delta also can assist in helping partners solve non-feasible projects through innovative solutions. Delta Structural Technology facilitates specifications, stamped drawings and calculations, quality control and testing.

Integrate Delta Structural Technology into your toolbox as an effective solution for structural strengthening and structural repair.

  • Commercial, Municipal, and Residential Buildings
    Strengthen columns, walls, slabs, beams, and structural connections
  • Seismic Retrofit of Structural Elements
    Meet the new code requirements set forth for each state
  • Added Load Demand
    Meet the project’s new load requirements
    Feasibility to determine the best methodology for strengthening the structure
  • Corroded or Distressed Members
    Rehabilitate and strength to meet or exceed the strength values intended for the original structural member
  • Column Strengthening
    Strengthen for shear, displacement-ductility enhancement, single bending, double bending, flexural/moment increase, axial load enhancement, torsion strengthening and construction errors
  • Beam Strengthening and Beam Repair
    Construction errors, supplement cut steel, negative and positive moment enhancement and shear strengthening
  • Slab Strengthening
    Punching shear, shear transfer between members, negative and positive moment, new openings, and diaphragm shear strengthening
  • Wall Strengthening
    In-plane shear issues, supplement cut steel, shear transfer between wall panels, in-plane flexural enhancement, and construction errors
  • Chimneys, Tanks and Silos
    Seismic retrofits, shear strengthening, flexural enhancements, confinement, repair of corrosion or other structural degradation, design flaws, and internal pressure
  • Transportation Structures
    Solve increased load ratings, seismic retrofit of structural components, rehabilitation of corroded and distressed members, extend service life, emergency repairs, and construction errors
  • Blast Mitigation
    Systems to meet new Federal and Industrial force protection requirements
  • Industrial Structures
    Due to FRP’s high strength to weight ratio providing an effective means of repair with minimal impact on the facilities
    Strengthening of stacks, tanks, pipe racks and columns within refineries, power plants, manufacturing plants, chemical facilities, and coal plants

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 Structural Damage Needing Repair and Strengthening