The Port of Houston, just like all ports around the world is subject the tremendous corrosion problems from the saltwater environment encountered.  The standard repair for most ports is to tear out the corroded members, clean or replace the steel that is corroded, and pour back with concrete.  This method works fine for a few years, but the corrosion immediately starts again.  A major problem also encountered is the increased capacity of the deck for larger loads with today’s shipping.  Delta Structural Technology LLC. was chosen to work closely with the engineering staff at the Port of Houston to develop and different method of repair and strengthen that addressed the corrosion and structural strengthening problem.  Carbon fiber was chosen to enhance the capacity of the members supporting the concrete deck and stop corrosion from attacking the steel in the concrete.  Carbon fiber in an epoxy encapsulation both strengthens and protects from additional corrosion.  A great deal of testing on the epoxy and cloth base from the 1950’s and has proven the system durable with advanced durability studies.


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